Ink Cartridges

Our premium ink with nano-sized pigment particles, made to match the OEM ink in colour gamut, packaged with our proprietary degassing technology is guaranteed to outperform the original cartridges.

Mimaki SS2, SS21, HS, ES3, UV

Roland EcoMax

Mutoh EcoUltra

Seiko Colorpainter 64s

HP9000 & HP8000

Chip Chargers

Chip Chargers are Internet-connected devices capable of creating chips for various large-format printers:

Mimaki - all models

Roland: coMax & AJ1000

Mutoh & clones: Xerox, Fuji, Oce, Agfa

Seiko Colorpainter 64s & Oce CS6060

HP Designjet 9000s

Ink Bags

Save money by purchasing ink bags instead of ink cartridges. Using ink bags is easy: open an old cartridge, swap out an empty bag with a new one, and reset a chip. Our bagged ink is fully degassed and works very stable. Ink bags are available for:

Mimaki SS2, SS21, HS, ES3, UV

Roland EcoMax

Mutoh EcoUltra

Seiko Colorpainter 64s

HP9000 & HP8000

Print Head Doctor

Print Head Doctor is a unique system for maintenance and recovery of UV, solvent and water-based inkjet print heads. Average recovery rate is 90%. Even severely clogged print heads can be restored. Supported print heads include Spectra, Vutek, Epson, Hitachi, Xaar, Toshiba, Seiko, Konica-Minolta.

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Bulk Ink Systems

Our company has over 10 years experience in development and production of bulk ink systems. The world's first Mimaki bulk system, Seiko Colorpainter and HP9000 bulk systems, first Mimaki chip, first re-settable and permanent chip were developed by us.

HP9000 - Seiko64s - Oce CS6060

Miamki JV5 - JV33 - CJV30

HP Designjet 8000s

Mutoh - Xerox - Oce - Fuji

Printing ink

With over 10 years experience in delivering the best quality printing ink, we guarantee a total customer satisfaction with the quality of our bottled ink and our superior customer service.

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Ink Degassers

We offer ink degassing solutions that boost the performance of your printer equipped with the bulk system. The air-free (degassed) ink works with an amazing stability, just as good as the OEM cartridges, sometimes even surpassing them. Nozzles don't drop out, resulting in a consistently high print quality, less wasted ink and media.

Mimaki JV5, JV33, CJV30,...

HP 9000s, Seiko 64s

Cartridge recycling

We are one of the few companies offering recycling services of used solvent ink cartridges of large-format printers. We properly dispose of the unused ink leftovers in the cartridges, and we re-use the plastic shells of the cartridges for our products.

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