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Bulk System for Seiko Colorpainter 64s, Oce 6060 and HP9000s

The World's First and the Only Professional Bulk Ink Delivery Systems for Seiko Colorpainter, Oce CS-6060 and HP DesignJet 9000s / 10000s

Enjoy the freedom of using third-party bottled inks.

InkStream Pro-CP Product Information

Bulk System for Colorpainter (tm)

InkStream Pro-CP
InkStream Pro-HP
InkStream Pro-CP
Non-invasive, plug and play system based on rechargeable InkChips concept. Can be installed on a Colorpainter within few minutes by non-skilled personnel.
InkStream Pro-HP
Bulk system equipped with mobile trays for the ink supply bottles, allowing an easy ink refill.


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